Nir Meiri Design - Veggie Lights

A Lampshade Made Of Red Cabbage Leaves

London based Nir Meiri Studio created in collaboration with Indian designer Vaidehi Thakkar a sustainable lighting collection made of red cabbage leaves.

Founded in 2010 by Nir Meiri, the London Design Studio is constantly developing new sustainable materials that can be introduced into our interior environment. Finding inspiration in the natural world Nir Meiri selects materials, often raw and wild, and shapes them into clean-cut forms to create innovative products that play on the tension between the domesticated and the untamed.

The new Veggie Lights collection features ‘Fibre Flats’ – a new material developed by Vaidehi Thakkar from red cabbage leaves.

Image credit: Shay Ben Efrayim – Nir Meiri Studio

The leaves are separated and soaked in water-based adhesives (sustainable colour preservatives) and treated with an anti-fungal material. The treated vegetables are then molded into shape and are left to dry in high temperatures until all the moisture is gone. The result is a translucent material producing a unique visual effect when combined with light. Warm hues orange, red and purple reveal the natural veins and the marble colour of the cabbage leaves. 

Designed to imitate the form of the vegetable leaf the lamp comes in two different shapes. The first has a defined and round silhouette while the second is untrimmed keeping the original shape of the red cabbage leaves.

Image credit: Shay Ben Efrayim – Nir Meiri Studio
Image credit: Shay Ben Efrayim – Nir Meiri Studio

All images courtesy of Nir Meiri Studio
Images credit: Shay Ben Efrayim

2 years ago