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A Sneaker Made From 100% Recycled Materials

Paris based fashion brand oth. just developed a new sneaker made from 100% recycled materials. After its successful kickstarter campaign in 2018 raising money for a new trainer that featured a unique sole crafted entirely from discarded tyres, the fashion brand continues to make the news. 

Thanks to a collaboration with FRBG, oth. was able to develop a sneaker that features recycled leather as the main material. This textile is obtained by retrieving industrial leather glove cuts-off, then adding natural rubber and pigmented synthetic material to water. The result is a material that is light, resistant, non-toxic and with an identical appearance to conventional leather.

The shoe lining is made from Bananatex, a biodegradable textile made out of banana tree fibres, while laces and threads are made from recycled ocean plastic. The innovative sole is crafted from discarder tyres.

Image credit: oth.
Image credit: oth.

oth.’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop here. The fashion brand is truly committed to creating unisex, minimalist, timeless, eco-responsible and durable trainers.
oth. achieves this by carefully selecting business partners sharing their values. The sneakers are manufactured in a workshop in Portugal where fair salary and good working conditions are guaranteed. This choice also allows the company to minimise their carbon footprint, and it helps support the sustainable European Industry. In addition, oth. makes sure that their sneakers are produced without the use of harmful products.

For those of you who share as much passion for travelling as oth., the company has come up with a great idea. Each pair of shoes features GPS coordinates that will lead the owner to a special location.

The new sneaker will be available in early 2020.

All images courtesy of oth.

2 years ago