Orange Fiber: Fabrics Made Out Of Orange Waste 

Fabrics Made Out Of Orange Waste  

Orange Fiber is an Italian company transforming the waste of the citrus juice industry into sustainable fabrics and yarns. The aim of the company is to reduce the cost and the environmental impact of the citrus juic industry, thus creating innovative textiles able to satisfy the growing demand for sustainable raw fabrics. Following a collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano University, Orange Fiber is now virtually be able to transform the 700,000 tons of citrus waste produced every year in Italy into high-quality fabrics.

The company developed a process which enables them to extract the cellulose fibres from the leftovers of citrus fruits:
The fabrics are formed from a silk-like cellulose yarn that can blend with other materials. When used in its purest form, the resulting 100% citrus textile features a soft and silky hand-feel, lightweight, and can be opaque or shiny according to production needs”.

Orange Fiber: Fabrics Made Out Of Orange Waste 

Since 2014 Orange Fiber has continued to attract global recognition from several organisations and fashion brands. In 2017 Salvatore Ferragamo was the first fashion house to adopt “the citrus fabrics”. The Florentine Maison in collaboration with the designer Mario Trimarchi developed a sustainable capsule collection enhanced by exclusive prints to celebrate the Mediterranean creativity.

In 2019 Orange Fiber’s textiles were featured in H&M Conscious Exclusive, a womenswear capsule collection made only with recycled and sustainable materials.

Enjoy your orange juice!

All images courtesy of Orange Fiber.

2 years ago