Jewellery Made From Graffiti Scraps That Empowers Women

Jewellery Made From Graffiti Scraps That Empowers Women

Today I would like to share the story of a brand that not only creates unique jewellery from wasted materials but also uses its business to empower women living in a shelter n order to give them a second chance in life.

Rebel Nell is a social enterprise located in Detroit, founded by Amy Peterson and Diana Joins, with the mission of employing women facing barriers to employment. The company makes jewellery from unique local materials, while providing employment and education to women transitioning out of homelessness.  Rebel Nell’s mission is to employ these women as creative designers and to give them the tools and resources to transition to a life of independence. The company provides them with a stable income and courses on financial management, life wellness and entrepreneurship.

The jewellery is handmade, and uses repurposed graffiti that has fallen off the walls of Detroit. In fact, Rebel Nell developed a process which enable them to expose the colours of the fallen paint. Once the layers are exposed they plate it in silver and protect it with a coat of resin. 

Every handmade piece is not only stunning because of the unique cross section of the graffiti but because of the woman who made it. In fact every piece has been envisioned by the creative designer.

So far 20 women ‘graduated’ and secured employment after participating in Rebel Nell’s program. These women have been given the tools to lift themselves out of a life in a shelter. They are now following their purpose in life, encouraged to pursue a career that they have envisioned for themselves.

Do you want know more? Check Rebel Nell’s website here!

All images courtesy of Rebel Nell.

2 years ago