QWSTION: Zero-waste Bags Made From Banana Plants

QWSTION: Zero-waste Bags Made From Banana Plants

Swiss based brand QWSTION introduced a new collection of bags made from a banana based material.

Founded in Zurich in 2008, QWSTION has been looking into in creating functional, sustainable and beautifully designed bags. After three years of research and experimenting with banana fibre textiles, QWSTION presented a new line of bags featuring Bananatex® at the ‘2019 Milan Design Week’. This fabric is entirely made from the leaf-stem of Abacà, also know as Manila hemp, a banana variety native to the Phillippines. Cultivated in a natural ecosystem of mixed agriculture and forestry, Abacà is sturdy, self-sufficient, and it requires no pesticides or extra water to grow.

According to QWSTION Bananatex® is a likeable fabric with canvas-like qualities: ‘At once super strong and durable, yet light and flexible, the natural beeswax coating gives it a smooth, water-resistant finish and a supple hand feel.’ It is an open source project aiming to be an alternative to synthetic fabrics commonly used in today bag’s industry. 

Image credit: Yves Bachmann – QWSTION

Designed in Zurich and manufactured ethically in Asia and the EU, the ‘Banantex® Minimal Collection’ features three different styles: Hip Pouch, Zip Pack and Roll Pack.

The Hip Pouch is a small bag with adjustable hip and shoulder carry options. The Zip Pack is a waterproof backpack ideal for your everyday use. The Roll Pack is a versatile container adaptable to its content thanks to a roll top closure. Its straps and modular handle provide versatile carrying option. Minimalistic and timeless the bags are available in three different colours: natural white, all black and gravel.

Image credit: Yves Bachmann – QWSTION

All bag patterns are designed to minimise waste in the cutting process of each component in order to reduce costs while maximising efficiency. At the end of the bags’ lifecycle, buckles and zipper can be recycled while the fabric is 100% biodegradable. 

In 2019 QWSTION received the 2019/2020 Swiss Design Award in the textile category for Bananatex®.

‘Our approach is to minimize waste while maximizing efficiency, and to create minimalistic products with maximum durability – all resulting in affordable and timeless pieces with the highest sustainability we can achieve today.’

All images courtesy of QWSTION
Images credit: Yves Bachmann

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